Photoshoot at Phase II Tattoo Studio

Yesterday I head over to Phase II Tattoo Studio, on Henderson, to shoot for my environmental portraits for our Digital Techniques class. My friends Sean Cushnie and Michael Brito are the tattoo artist at Phase II on Henderson and were more then welcoming for me to come by and get some shots at their shop. I stuck around and shot photos for a couple hours and then we even had a Pizza Party! Thanks again guys.

You can find more about the shop at www.phase2tattoos.ca

Here are a few photos from my shoot:


  1. http://phase2tattoo.blogspot.com

    Kristyn gave you a little shout out.

    How come Sean never has a normal face when I take his pic?

  2. this is so dope boy fressssshhhh...all that's missing is a link to our website:(