An Afternoon With The Britos

This afternoon I head over to St. Vital Park to take some photos of four adorable children, Anthony, Isabelle, Adrian and Ethan. All Britos but all different in their own unique way. Anthony the adventurous one was a perfect subject for the 300mm telephoto lens. Isabelle sure showed her true colors carrying around her hot pink flowers dressed in her hot pink dress and classy fur coat, both made by her talented mother. Adrian was just precious growling in his tiger halloween costume. Ethan, who will be one in a couple of weeks, was amazed with all the sights of autumn and was the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen! I hope each of them have a fun filled Halloween with lots of candy!


  1. this is why i think your the best...you make my bad kids look good.

  2. Beautiful shots, love the one of bellie coming through the trees :)

  3. I think my favorite is that cute little Tiger taken from the back... too cute!!