Marvel Beauty School

Last week nine of us students volunteered for a shoot at Marvel Beauty School. The shoot was for the Marvel Beauty School students project. Their assignment was to choose a interesting photo from a fashion magazine with fascinating make up and hair, and try to copy it as closely as possible. They were not given real models and only had fellow classmates to do the makeover on. I should also mention they all did incredible job!

Then us Prairie View students came in and in teams of three had to set up all the lighting and angles as close as possible to the magazine cut out. Each group had two separate shoots and had to try and get the perfect shot.

I really enjoyed working with the Marvel Beauty School students and all the big lights and flashes. I love the shots we got in the end and hope to be part of more fashion shoots in the future. Also we could have never done it without Paolo and Ebonie, big thanks to both of them for all their help!

Here are some photos from the shoot, including the magazine cut outs and my two best final images.

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  1. lol, we did the same assignment when I was in high school at Marvel!