Trip to Deloraine

Last weekend my Mom and I head out to Deloraine, Manitoba to drop off, and pick up, some Christmas gifts from my aunt and uncle. On the way out we stopped at Morris MCC Thrift Store where we found a polaroid camera with film still in it! My Mom bought it, another polaroid camera that was much older and a record player for my Christmas present! I can’t wait for Christmas to be able to shoot polaroids and listen to my record player! :)

We made time to visit my Grandma who also lives in Deloraine and I don’t see enough. She is 93 and I was lucky enough to shoot a few portraits of her for my projects and personal photos. I of course shot photos the whole way there and back. Here are some photos from our journey:


The Fyxx Christmas Party

One of my best friends, Lisa, works at The Fyxx on Albert Street. She invited me to her Christmas party the weekend before last, which I was pleased to attend. (Thanks for bringing my Lisa. I had fun:)

A few random shots.