DT 13.2 Blogging Non-School-Related Photos

During the holidays I had three weeks off, and it sure flew by! I was busy almost every day and enjoyed every minute.

The first week off Lisa and I drove out to Carman, Manitoba to visit Andrea in her home town and take picture for many of our projects. Andrea was our tour guide and showed us many sights in the area. We saw an old brick factory that was closed in 1953, the Hydro windmills and many country landscapes! It was a very enjoyable day and we hope to go back next summer.

I was able to spend lots of quality time with many of my friends over the break. Whether it was coffee, beers or shopping it was great catching up.

My Mom and I went on a small road trip out to Deloraine, Manitoba to drop off and pick up Christmas presents at my Auntie Mary's. We got to spend some time with my Auntie Mary, Uncle Doug and visit my Grandma who lives in the same town. It was a fantastic trip since I got to take photos the whole way out and back for my projects. I especially love the photo above which doesn't have a place within any of my projects.

I hosted a potluck at my place in Wolseley. Many of my friends came and there was sooo much good food. I made my specialty, spinach dip. My friends Rebecca and Ezra brought their son Leif who just learn how to walk and was very amazed at all our Christmas ornaments.

The worst part of my holiday was getting my final wisdom tooth out. Many people can't believe I actually took photos of my tooth after it was out, but how could I not?!

For Christmas I went home to my parents in Oakbank for a few days. It was great spending time with my parents and exchanging gifts. This year we decided to switch up regular Christmas dinner of turkey and potatoes for a mexican theme dinner. It was delicious and I was so satisfied.

December 29th I spent the afternoon with my good friend Sean Cushnie, at Phase II Tattoo Studio on Henderson, who tattooed me for four long hours. Big thanks to Sean for an incredible job!

Not only am I great friends with the guys at Phase II Tattoo Studio on Henderson but I work there on Saturdays at the front desk. The photo above is one I took at the shop during my last shift.

A few friends and I got together to take pictures out in St. Norbert. I love taking photos with my girl friends because they always let me take portraits, which is my favorite kind of photography to shoot.

One of my favorite things to do is shopping at thrift stores. I was very lucky this holiday and actually went to 6 different thrift stores! I found some of my best finds, including a record player, many good records, a very old fold out Polaroid camera, another Polaroid camera that was newer BUT WITH FILM IN IT! I was so excited! Also many other treasures.

It was a very successful holiday! :)