Working the subject...100 creative ways

In our Creative Imaging class last week we were told to pick 3 random items, that were not familiar to us, with no explanation why. I chose a old wooden chair, a shark toy and a cowboy hat.

This past Monday we were told to set up a still life scene using the three objects, which could be moved, without changing the location and shoot 100 photos different, without deleting any, by the end of the day. It was a challenge.

First off it was raining outside, so i decided to take down all the drapes in my living room for light and move all the furniture to one side of the room to give me space to shoot. I quickly realized the light was not strong enough and my living room wasn't big enough to shoot with my 50mm 1.8. My 1.8 makes everything closer then it really is and trying to fit a chair in the frame with negative space wasn't really happening. So I stepped outside to check out the rain situation, since it seemed to be my only other option, and thankfully the rain seemed to have stopped.. for now. I quickly grabbed my three items and got down to business. It was challenging but didn't take me to long to shoot the 100 shots, especially with the rain about to start up again. I did take a few bad ones by fluke but got a handful of good ones.

I think this project was a good experience to help us learn to shoot anything, any where, any weather, in any time, no matter what. It also helped me experiment and try different angles that I might have never thought of if I wasn't given this project.

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