First post assignment

My favorite genre of photography is film. Film is Kick ass! I haven't done much of film but it really interests me. That brings me into the next question of what do you hope to learn in school this year, which is more about film. My best photography-related memory is my camera when I was a child that was from McDonalds that was a hot pink, skinny and long plastic camera. My brother had a lime green one. :)


  1. pretty cool. I hope to steal some of your excitement for film! lol.

  2. Thanks for the lovely keyboard photo, Aly. It's too bad you still didn't have that camera from McDonald's, I'm sure it would be a good keepsake from the memory. Good luck this year, and thanks for the help on the computer. I'm a newbie when it comes to Mac.

  3. I think I just sold that camera at the garage sale last fall. should have kept it I guess.