Colour Block

For Creative Imaging our project was to shoot four different colours isolated in four different shots, as well as one with a harmonious colour relationship and one with complimentary colours. I enjoyed this project and would love to experiment with these kinds of shots in the future.

My first color is red. I use a red wooden figure I have for drawing. I did a close crop concentrating on the color and texture. I feel the red in this image makes it very warm, maybe even hot looking, strong and dominant compared to the other colors.

My second colour is orange. The light is very dramatic which shows lots of tones of orange from a solid coloured juice jug. The image feels extremely warm to me and reminds me of orange juice, also of a brilliant sunset when all the clouds turn orange and pink.

Third is the colour yellow, which I found a bright yellow vase at my Aunts and knew it was going to replace a picture I had already taken for yellow. I did a close up abstract shot of the vase and am very happy with the image. We were taught in class that yellow is symbolic of joy, happiness and richness and I agree and feel this image gives a strong feeling of joy. Yellow is so bright and cheerful.

My fourth colour was green. I shot a green wine bottle from a higher view looking down. I feel the colour in this image gives a feeling of calm, fresh and purity. I especially like the color of green in this bottle and how it shows darker to lighter depending on how transparent it is in areas.

For my harmonious colour relationship I did warm colour with pencil crayons. I love the colours of red, orange and yellow together, it always catches me eye. I feel they give a strong feeling of energy and warmth.

For complimentary colours I used tattoo inks and chose red and green. I feel complimentary colours are strange together but do work together if used appropriately, especially for something like logo design. The combo I did gives me a feeling of warmth and cool.

Colours definitely can set a mood or help express a feeling if intentional or not. If it's a cold lonely feeling blue or a warm cozy orange it effects how we respond to an image and how it makes us feel.

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